arun kumar Mon, 10/29/2007 - 06:49
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Hi Harold,

Sorry it was a typo error.. i meant of disabling Penultimate Hop Popping... not Per Hop Behavior...

attrgautam Mon, 10/29/2007 - 16:30
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I think the default behaviour is to have penultimate hop popping but if you still want a label to be tagged on the last hop, the ideal thing to do would be to advertise an explicit Null to the router. This way, there is a label on the last hop though the label value is always 0

etienne.basset Tue, 10/30/2007 - 06:27
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yes by default a router advertise an 'implicit null' label for directly connected routes to his neighbors (label 3 afaik).

You can send an 'explicit null' label with value 0 with the global command 'mpls ldp explicit-null [for acl] [to acl]'




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