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Oct 29th, 2007

Hi Friends,

While going through DSL Technology, I am very confused about the use of ATM with DSL. Can you plz help me clarify why we need to integrate DSL with ATM & why use PPPoE/ PPPoA. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.



I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 10/29/2007 - 14:13

ATM is not technically needed on DSL, but it is incorporated in the standard and universally adopted together.

There are pro and cons in having ATM over ADSL, but a discussion of that is beyond the scope of the form.

PPPoE / PPPoA have been well received by ISP's because they map DSL into a dial-up paradigm, in which each user is authenticated and logged like in a dial-up session. This is generally also accepted as standard, however the more business-like DSL services are often done without PPP.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

Manoj Wadhwa Mon, 10/29/2007 - 14:28


Thanks for your time. However I am sorry that i am still looking for the answer i am looking for "Why ATM is used over DSL". I understand it might be beyond the discussion of this forum but i would appreciate if you can provide a suitable link that help me to find the answer. Thanks!



Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 10/29/2007 - 15:09


Basically, proponents of ATM wanted to bring to ADSL media the benefits of a layer 2 network, and fragmentation with features for voice. E.g. AAL2 services to replace where envisioned although never become popular. Worth to note the voice routers do support them.

Proponents of IP over DSL pointed to the characteristic of IP being able to deliver all what ATM does, and avoiding the associated overhead and hardware complexity.

Ultimately, the decision was taken by SP's who opted in favor of the first model, with the endorsement of the ITU standardization group that pretty much made so that ATMis standard in ADSL, unless you comply with a certain annex (that is not mandatory), to do without it.

Hope this helps you.

Manoj Wadhwa Mon, 10/29/2007 - 16:25


Thx for your answer. This has certainly help me know one step ahead about my query.




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