ip sla type jitter through firewall/NAT

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I have a ip sla operation on a 1841 behind a NAT-Firewall (Sonicwall):

ip sla monitor 1

type jitter dest-ipaddr A.X.Y.Z dest-port 5060 codec g711ulaw

tag "test-voip-jitter"

ip sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now

The router has an internal IP ( which is one-to-one natted to an external IP.

On the sending router I see the following:

wn-sada-walli#sh ip sla monitor statistics 2

Round trip time (RTT) Index 2

Latest RTT: NoConnection/Busy/Timeout

Latest operation start time: 05:58:57.221 MET Tue Oct 30 2007

Latest operation return code: Timeout

RTT Values

Number Of RTT: 0

RTT Min/Avg/Max: 0/0/0 ms

On the ip sla responder I see that the host tried to connect to it and the responder does not see any errors:

IP SLA Monitor Responder is: Enabled

Number of control message received: 282106 Number of errors: 0

I have searched the docs regarding ip sla behind nat but have not found anything.

Can anyone help me getting this to work?

Thank you and kind regards

Flavio Curti

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