duplicated echo echo-reply in lab scenario

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Oct 30th, 2007


I've setup a required lab in my office consisting of the following hardware in order from laptop-a to laptop-b


Catalyst 6509 MSFC2 (hsrp standby 224.2 Router15, 224.3 Router16)

2691 IPSec/CBAC firewall fa0/0

2691 IPSec/CBAC firewall fa0/1

Cisco 3640 E0/0

Cisco 3640 E0/1

Cisco 3640 E0/0

Cisco 3640 E0/1


Issue: On Laptop-a, I'm port mirroring the connection stream between the 2691 fa0/0 interface and the Catalyst switch.

If from laptop-a I ping the MSFC2 router at IP, I receive one echo from laptop-a and one echo-reply from the MSFC2.

If form latop-a I ping the 2691 fa0/0 interface at IP, sniffer reports 1 echo form laptop-a but duplicate echo-reply packets from the fa0/0 interface on the 2691.

If from laptop-a I ping fa0/1 which is IP, sniffer reports two echo's from laptop-a and two echo-reply from the 2691 interface fa0/1.

I'm running NAT on my inside and outside interfaces.

Anyone have an explanation for this?



I have this problem too.
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