IP Nat outside source route-map

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Oct 31st, 2007


Could some one help me in configuring

ip nat outsie source route-map.

The requirement is to NAT the destiation address only if the packet is from a speific source.

Inputs on this is highly appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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lgijssel Wed, 10/31/2007 - 23:44

Can you describe want you want to achieve in a bit more detail?

For example, what do want to translate and where are the hosts located?

A small network diagram might be very useful here.



lgijssel Thu, 11/01/2007 - 03:53

It's a beatiful diagram, that is.

Still, I have a few questions:

1: where are your nat in- and outside?

2: in which direction must the translation be established?

3:what are the ip adresses on the router?

4: what is the ip adress of the client(s)?


manoharjha Thu, 11/01/2007 - 04:16


The Inside is on the Ethernet and outside on WAN.

The config of LAN as below.

interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

ip nat inside

The WAN Config as below.

interface Serial0/0.1

ip address

ip nat outside

The translation of the destination IP should take place, when there is Packet coming from behind LAN with the source IP of

and the Destination IP of The destination IP should get Natted to

The NAT statement that we will implement should not impact any other traffic to the destination, as explained in the diagram.

Hence we need conditional Outside NAT.

Please let me know, if any more info is required.



lgijssel Thu, 11/01/2007 - 04:43

Source ip and destination ip are on the same subnet.?

How do you intend to arrange that these packets are sent to a default gateway for NAT processing?


manoharjha Thu, 11/01/2007 - 05:01

I think there is a Host on the Customer side, and they are putting a default gateway.

Dont have much though, as it is on the Customer side.

Is there a way to implement the NAT using ip nat outside source route-map for this problem.




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