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Nov 1st, 2007


Is it possible to redistribute a default route on a router from BGP into EIGRP if that router learned it from an eBGP peer. I have configured it in a test network as below








R2 and R3 are in AS1 both running BGP with a iBGP peer. They are also both running EIGRP 1.

R2 has an eBGP peer with R1 and R1 is advertising a default route to R2. Iam trying to redistribute this route on R2 into EIGRP 1. I have added the below command on R2

router eigrp 1

redistribute bgp 1


iam not using route maps/prefix lists yet as I just want to see if its possible 1st.

doing the above and then issuing show ip route on R2 shows:

R2#sh ip route

Routing entry for, supernet

Known via "bgp 1", distance 20, metric 0, candidate default path

Tag 2, type external

Redistributing via eigrp 1

Last update from 00:21:46 ago

Routing Descriptor Blocks:

*, from, 00:21:46 ago

Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 1

AS Hops 1

It says its redistributing the route into EIGRP but issuing the below shows its not been installed into the EIGRP topology.

R2#sh ip eigrp topology

IP-EIGRP Topology Table for AS(1)/ID(

Codes: P - Passive, A - Active, U - Update, Q - Query, R - Reply,

r - reply Status, s - sia Status

P, 1 successors, FD is 281856

via (281856/2816), Ethernet0/0

P, 1 successors, FD is 281856

via (281856/2816), Ethernet0/0

P, 1 successors, FD is 281600

via Connected, Ethernet0/0

P, 1 successors, FD is 281600

via Connected, Ethernet0/1

P, 1 successors, FD is 409600

via (409600/128256), Ethernet0/0

P, 1 successors, FD is 128256

via Connected, Loopback0

R3 also does not see via EIGRP but obviously recieves it via iBGP.

Is what im trying to do possible if so what am i doing wrong.



I have this problem too.
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Kevin Dorrell Thu, 11/01/2007 - 06:30

Is this another case for the command:

router eigrp 1

 default-information in

that for some reason I wasn't aware of until 10 minutes ago?

Oh, BTW, did you remember to give it a default metric on its way into EIGRP?

Kevin Dorrell


kjbarrass Thu, 11/01/2007 - 06:39


Ive just tried that command and it doesnt work but if I add the command default-metric 10000 100 255 1 1500 it works not sure why yet though :)

Kevin Dorrell Thu, 11/01/2007 - 07:09

Whenever you redistribute into EIGRP, you need to tell EIGRP the starting metric. (Unless you are redistributing from another EIGRP AS.) You can do that in one of three ways:

1. Provide it as a default as you have done here,

2. Provide it in the redistrîbute command,

3. Provide it in a route-map that you are using to control the redistribution.

In any acse, you have to do it, otherwise the redistribution will not take place.

Kevin Dorrell


Jon Marshall Thu, 11/01/2007 - 06:43


What you are trying to do is certainly possible because that's exactly what we do on our CE routers ie. we advertise a default route from our data centre into our MPLS cloud with BGP and each site connected to the MPLS cloud receives it via BGP and redistributes it into EIGRP.

Could you send full copies of configs.


kjbarrass Thu, 11/01/2007 - 06:49


Thankyou for reply I think I have found the problem if I dont specify a default-metric it will not redistribute the routes I have added the command default-metric with some example metrics and it seems to work fine now.




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