cvp 4.0 vxml failure

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Nov 1st, 2007


I am running a comprehensive IPCC hosted and CVP is playing critical message.On the vbbrowser I can see the following error

"call server localhost:8000 reports an error processing a call.FAiled to get VXML from any call server.Playing critical error message"

Any idea why I am getting this error on the voicebrowser.Any help would be appriciated.



I have this problem too.
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wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 06:25

Need some more details to help out here...

Have you gone through the Config and Admin Guide for setting up all the components?

That error could be many things, but ICM is usually a good first start:

1. Are you seeing the call come to ICM as a Route Request? If not, then you may just have a config issue in ICM.

2. If call is getting to ICM, where is the call failing in the script? If it is after the "Send to VRU" node, then the issue is somewhere with the VRU transfer Label.

If you can provide some details of the call flow and how far the call appears to be going, then that would narrow things down.

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 06:43


Calls are goiong to through switch and vru leg succefully.Call is failing in CVP during vru leg where VXML needs to be processed.

Also on the CICM send to VRU node is successful and is failing on Run vru node.

Thank you for your help.

wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 07:37

Ok - that definitely narrows it down.

So the Run External Script is failing - what is the script you are trying to run? Is it a microapp, or are you trying to run External VXML with VXML Server?

If it is a microapp, then you can check the user.microapp.error_code ECC value in the ICM database - Route_Call_Variable table. There is a matrix of the values and their meanings in the Config and Admin Guide. It could be as simple as a problem playing the prompt (.wav file).

If that doesn't get you anywhere, then you can do a "debug voip application vxml" on the IOS gateway serving as the VXML gateway, and this will show you any error as well.

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 08:29


I am using microapps.

When I do the debug I don;t see any messages on the gateway.

Attached is a screenshot of VB.

wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 09:44

That's a fairly generic message which simply means that ICM offered no more instruction on what to do with the call. I'm assuming the Fail leg of the Run External Script just goes to an End node in the ICM script?

Did you see any error code in the Route_Call_Variable table?

Which microapp are you using? Can you provide the VRU Script Name and Configuration Parameters?

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 09:48


VRU script name is PM,hello.There is no config parameter.

I have used:

user.microapp.media_server ="" and user.microapp.locale="en-us"

There are two tables route_call_variable_1 and route_call_variable_2 .What table this error code be in?

Thanks in advance.

wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 10:05

Ok - a couple things:

1. Can you browse to that URL? You actually don't need to specify port 80 as this is the default. So you should be able to open a browser and go to "" and see a file called "hello.wav" - is this correct?

2. As for the Route_Call_Variable table, the best way to access it is from the awdb on the AW/HDS. From there, just run your query as "select * from Route_Call_Variable". If you connect directly to the central DB (cust_sideA), then you need to query as "select * from t_Route_Call_Variable".

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 10:28


Wave file plays when I try through the http url.

I tried the route_call_variable table.Which column should I look for ?



wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 10:38

This table is structured in that it will record every configured ECC variable (at least those flagged as "Persistent" in the config) for every call. So assuming this system is not taking any other calls, you should place a test call and then pull the latest records from the table.

The ECC variable you want the value of is "user.microapp.error_code", and it will have a 1 or 2 digit numeric value.

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 10:58


I am getting "NULL" as the value for this.



wiwebb Fri, 11/02/2007 - 11:05

Ok - then there's something else going on.

If you do a "debug voip application vxml all" on the gateway, you should see something. If you are coming out the Success leg of the Send to VRU node, then you have to have initiated a VXML Voice Browser session on the gateway.

This might help to further diagnose the problem, because the gateway apparently is not sending any response back to the CVP Call Server, and the CVP/ICM is just timing out.

- Bill

rnarayana Fri, 11/02/2007 - 11:56


I am not getting any logs on debug voip application vxml all.



wiwebb Wed, 11/07/2007 - 07:04

Ok - we need to back up then...

You said this was a Comprehensive deployment, so I am assuming you have:

1. A Type 10 Network VRU in ICM with "VRU Transfer" Labels defined for the CVP Call Server(s).

2. A voip dial-peer on the VXML gateway looking for a destination pattern matching the VRU Transfer Label. This dial-peer should be calling the "bootstrap.tcl" application with a "service" command.

3. A zone prefix command in the gatekeeper to deliver the call to that VXML gateway, OR an entry for SendToOriginator/SetTransferLabel for the VRU Transfer Label to send it directly back to the originating gateway.

It sounds like your VRU Leg is not being established for some reason...

- Bill


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