Edison Ortiz Sat, 11/03/2007 - 19:24
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It's as simple as turning on ip routing in the global config (disabled by default).

I'm assuming you've configured workstations on each Vlan to point to the 3560 as the default gateway, correct ?

Let's see the show ip int bri | ex una as well as show ip route connected output.

Richard Burts Sun, 11/04/2007 - 03:33
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There are a couple of assumptions in Edison's answer and perhaps it would help to be explicit about them.

- are several VLANs properly configured?

- are some end stations connected in each VLAN?

- does each end station have an IP address in the correct subnet and is it configured with the 3560 as its default gateway?

- are VLAN interfaces configured for each VLAN? (note that configuring VLANs and configuring VLAN interfaces are diferent things)

If these assumptions are true then Edison's answer is correct that all you need to do is to configure "ip routing".



cisco_lad2004 Sun, 11/04/2007 - 09:19
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Errr, I might be repeating above to answers.

but this is how I usually do it.

1- configure VLAN (conf t ==> VLAN100).

2-assign port to VLAN ( either access or trunk).

3-create SVI ( Conf t ==> int VLAN 100).

4- unshut or admin up int VLAN 100.

5-ur host should be able to ping Gateway , ie int VLAN address.

repeat same for second VLAN.

If Host A & B can ping their respective GTWs, then they will ping each other. so u have inter-vlan routing.




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