802.11b client associating, but not authenticating

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I have just installed 2 4402 WLAN controllers.

I have 4 different types of devices to test to confirm connectivity:

laptops - successful

LXE RDT's - successful

LXE MX6 scan-gun - successful

Zebra label printers - UNsuccessful

There are multiple vlans in the controllers, and the Zebra printer is, oddly enough, on the SAME vlan as the RDT, which connects fine.

When I look at the client association page in the GUI, the RDT shows YES in the AUTH column, and the Zebra printer shows NO. Also, the laptop and the scan-gun also showed YES in the AUTH column, and they connected just fine.

Any thoughts as to if this might be the problem, or if not, where I should look?


I have this problem too.
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Scott Fella Sun, 11/11/2007 - 13:27

What code are you using on the WLC and what cards on the Zebra printers?

dennischolmes Sun, 11/11/2007 - 14:20


What authentication method are you using? If it is static WEP make sure that the SSID and device match on the WEP key index number. Some devices only support certain indexes. Also insure the wep key size. 104 bit WEP should be selected if you mean to be at the highest level. If you are using another methodology for authentication please let us know the details of your setup.

we figured it out!

the printer is a passive device, and as such, could not make a static arp-entry.

The MX3 and MX6's are active devices, and initiated a connection, so they DID make an arp-entry.

Cisco has acknowledged this bug in the Airespace software (bug-CSCse63908), and supposedly fixed it in code version 4.1(171.0), but it is NOT fixed, and we are now at the latest code version 4.2(61.0).

Since the devices having the problem (zebra printers) all have static IP's, we have to reconfigure all 200 of them to use DHCP, and use ip reservations on our DHCP servers to make sure they obtain the same ip addreses as before so that the warehouse control system on the end host these printers connect to can communicate properly and keep track of each unit.

Scott Fella Wed, 11/21/2007 - 13:15

That is funny... same fix TAC gave my client with the Zebra printers.


Zebra has a utility called the "ping" utility that will actually create arp traffic by pinging an ip like The ip doesnt need to be valid, just need one to generate the arp traffic. Their newer firmware for the printers has this built in but you need to run a .txt file to tell it to run.

This has occurred with multiple sites I support, and it eliminates having to use dhcp on the printers, and also helps out roaming.

So far I only have one site that I can't get this to work with cisco 4400 controllers and ql220 plus printers with the b radio authenticating with wpa/peap.


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