Set ICM data problem

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Nov 5th, 2007

I am using IPCC enterprise.

In CRA script I put ICM data set , and make redirect call to agent.The problem is that in CTI OS desktop call variables are empties.May be exist workaround?


I have this problem too.
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wiwebb Mon, 11/05/2007 - 12:35

When you say "redirect", do you mean using the Redirect step in CRS Editor?

If so, then this is why you are not seeing the variables, and there is essentially no workaround. The only way to make the variables deliver is to let ICM deliver the call to the Agent.

- Bill

vladimirbanker_2 Mon, 11/05/2007 - 13:17

yes,i am using redirect call step.In IPCC Express using set enterprise call data it was working.

thanks for info.

gayshan Tue, 05/27/2008 - 03:55

i think Bill is correct. I got the same problem but in a different scenario. Using the CTIOS toolkit, I initiated a conference call involving the IP-IVR, passing some variables to it at the same time. The IVR is able to receive it but not able to pass it back to the CTIOS toolkit after it drops out from the conference, even though I've used the "set ICM data" step (in CRSv3.X) or "set enterprise data" (in CRSv4.x).

I'm guessing that this is because the IVR does not have a direct connection to CTIOS, thus it is not able to update call variables dynamically.

gayshan Sat, 01/10/2009 - 22:49

A route request to a dummy DN could update the call variables during the conference. Seems to work with 3rd party IVRs such as periphonics.

ea29011966 Tue, 02/17/2009 - 07:09

Hi I am using ICM 7.2, UCM 6.1 and an IBM IVR. From a conference between Agent, Caller and IVR, the IVR set a Call Variable, then trasfers the call to a non existing DN and the new Call variable value is not returned to the agent. I have tryed the same, routing the call using ICM script, to a label pointing a non existent DN and it does not work yet. Please could you explain better what do you mean for "dummy DN" ?

Thank you.

gayshan Tue, 02/17/2009 - 08:40

I apologise for the confusion. I should have mentioned dummy label instead of dummy DN.

After IVR has set the variable values, it needs to do a route request to ICM via a DN associated to an ICM script. In that ICM script, specify a dummy label (non existent DN).

ea29011966 Thu, 02/19/2009 - 11:02

Thank you for your help.

I have tryed to do that, without success.

I wish to verify with you that is all right. When the agent start the conference, he calls a CM routing point. That RP is associate a CallType/script that execute a TraslationRoute to IVR, then a "run external script" node. The ivr answers the call and receives all data correctly. Before to give back the control to ICM, it set a Call Variable. Inside the ICM script, after the "run external script" node, there is a "Label Node" that contains a second CM route point. The IVR transfers the call to second CM routing point and ICM run a second script. Inside the second script there is just a "label" node containing a dummy DN. Is this flow correct? Do I need a traslation-route in the first script before the "Label" node containing the second CM routing point?

gayshan Thu, 02/26/2009 - 04:32


The method that I described was only tested on nortel periphonics IVR. I'm not too sure if it would work on other IVRs. In a Periphonics IVR script, it is possible to initiate a route request to ICM without actually transferring the call. The route request would be able to trigger the ICM script containing the dummy label, but the call still remains on the periphonics IVR. Somehow this process is able to update the call variables when the periphonics IVR receives the route reply from ICM. The updated variables is displayed on the agent desktop after the IVR drops out from the conference.

You do not need translation route or the "Label" node in your first ICM script to specify the route point for the second ICM script. It is defined in the IVR script when it initiates the route request. Your second ICM script with the dummy label is correct.

So, unless your IBM IVR is able do the same just like the Periphonics IVR, then I'm sorry as I do not know if there's any other way to do this.

happy_248578 Thu, 11/22/2007 - 03:42


i am using ICM 7.0.I am also facing same problem,So if u are setting correct ICM data in CRS & ICM then u need to check SQL.where u get data & passed through PG (Call Variable)(IVR to ICM).May be here problem is check once.....


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