Possible to do if/then scenarios?

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Nov 6th, 2007
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I work for a large company that has many sales branches throughout the US (40+). Each branch has a MPLS circuit and a local ISP. We have prioritized data that is sent over the MPLS circuit, and all other data over the ISP, with failover configured for either circuit to fail over to the other one. Right now all of the sales branches internet traffic (along with all non-priority traffic such as email) comes back thru the ISP (via a VPN tunnel) to our main location, so we can monitor the internet links. We would like configure the normal internet traffic to go out the ISP directly, but still have the email and so come back via the VPN tunnel. We know how to configure this, however, when we do this we would like to install a PC with some monitoring software on it (surf control), that way we can still monitor the internet traffic. We would like to set it up so that if the PC with Surf Control goes down, that the router will send traffic back over the VPN tunnel or MPLS traffic. So the basis of what I want to do is:

If PC Goes Down = False, Send Traffic To PC

If PC Goes Down = True, Send Data To VPN tunnel or MPLS circuit.

Is it possible to do such a scenario?

We do not currently have the budget for a pix or anything like this, so we are trying to figure it out. I have attached a very basic diagram of the basic network configuration that we have. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also we do have a Ciscoworks LMS 2.6 available as well if that would help at all.

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