Failed ICND Simulation

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Nov 6th, 2007

I was hoping to complete my CCNA certification today. Sadly, I came close but didn't quite make it. A large part of my problem was the simulation question. For the life of me I couldn't get a serial interface to communicate with its peer on a /30 network. I verified the IP on my router was a valid host in the range. Interface was up/up. The interface was configured with hldc and a clockrate. I also couldn't get any information for the peer using sh cdp neighbors. Ping failed. Since that was the first link you had to bring up to do anything else, it was a deal-breaker when I couldn't get it going. Any ideas for things I might have overlooked.

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I don't know what type of simulation problem you got, but in most cases these few tips solve the problem.

1. Check that both serial IP address/mask (routers connecting each other)belong to same subnet.

2. Use 'show cdp neighbor [detail]' command to see IP and other info about directly connected devices (router switch etc)

3. Set clock rate for DCE (use 'show controller' command to see it the interface is DCE or DTE)

4. Use correct encapsulation type on both routers

5. Make sure that both Interfaces are up ('no shutdown' command)

6. Can 'ping' ? and ping its own IP address ?, then other router IP address

7. Show running-config to see all detailed settings and verify that what you are doing is correct.


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