VPN tunnelling for Disaster recovery

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Nov 8th, 2007
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I was looking for a little direction. Taking on a new project. We are currently looking to have a Disaster Recovery plan in place in the near future. Currently we have One Hub which is where our Data center(Internnet connectivity out of this site) is stored and 3 locations (one of which is not in the full mesh with the rest of the sites-It will be connected in the near future.)One of our remote sites does have the capacity to grow and possibly be a co-location but the company doesn't want to go there yet. We will call it site X. Company wants to build a co-location at a 3rd party vendor in case the datacenter goes down. We would need the other locations which are XYZ to connect back to the co-location.

We are right now looking to setup a seperate internet connection at site X which is one of the remote sites. We are getting a 3meg pipe. This gives this location and the other 2 a way back out towards the internet and a possiblity to connect to our co-location which is where our main servers are going to be located. To connect back to the co-location would we use VPN tunnelling? If so what type of Gear or technology am i looking at both site X and co-location to get this done. Is there another method we could explore other than just making site X the co-location.

Sorry for the long question but I was hoping to get advice by some professionals out there who i'm sure have had to go through a simaliar design experiance.

Thank You,

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