using Polycom Soundstation 2 (non IP) with CCM and Gateways

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Nov 8th, 2007

I suspect you can't use these devices in a Cisco CCM environment, but have been asked the question by sites i am upgrading to VoIP. Can you get adapters to convert these phones to be used in the Cisco CCM environment?

Thank You in advance for your input

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Thu, 11/08/2007 - 13:50

Hi Mark,

With CCM you can use these Polycom Conference phones for sure. We use them along with the 2W and Cisco 7935's and 7936's. The Soundstation will require an Analog Port of course that can be provided by a Cisco VG (Voice Gateway. Have a look;

There are also Station Voice Gateways like the VG200 Series that provide Analog station (Phone,Fax etc) connections in CCM and CME systems. These come in 2 Port (ATA) 24 Port (VG224) and 48 Port (VG248) Models.

Cisco Unified CallManager Express Solution Reference Network Design Guide

There are two categories of Cisco access analog gateways, trunk gateways and station gateways.

Access analog station gateways

Analog station gateways connect Cisco Unified CallManager to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) analog telephones, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, fax machines, and voice mail systems. Station gateways provide Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) ports.

Access analog trunk gateways

Cisco Unified Communications SRND Based on Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x

Understanding Voice Gateways Cisco Callmanager

Hope this helps!


mark-cummings Fri, 11/09/2007 - 02:47

Hi Rob, many thnaks for the assistance.

Excuse my ignorance. We have acentralised model and the Gateway at the remote site is H323 Gateway on a Cisco C2821. It also has a 2 Voice FXS Interface (VWIC2-2FXS). Can i connect the Polycom Soundstation 2 (non IP) to this interface?

Would i then need to add the folloiwng:-

- Local config to 2821 router (aslo for failover to SRST)

- Cisco AS-2 Gateway (whihc MAC address is needed? Router)

- How owuld i add device to CCM (Soundstation?)

Much apprecaited.

rob.huffman Fri, 11/09/2007 - 06:30

Hi Mark,

I can't help you with the SRST reference :( but the FXS Ports would be perfect for this connection if not already used for something else. The device itself (Sounstation) is not really referenced in CCM at all other than perhaps as a description on one of the FXS Ports used for the connection. Just assign an extension/Directory Number to the FXS as you would for any Analog device, connect the Soundstation to this port and you should be good to go!

Hope this helps!


mark-cummings Fri, 11/09/2007 - 06:59

Again many thanks Rob.

I'm a little confused at to how to add the FXS forts to CCM though (i do this for our MGCP site no problem as you have an option to add as an adapter).

I cabn't see how to add thes FXS port in CCM and enure it is linked to the H323 Gateway for that site....

Can you help?

mark-cummings Mon, 11/12/2007 - 02:04

Hey Rob,

Hope you had a good weekend. Once gain, many thnaks for your repsonse.

I ma OK with ananlogue setups and MGCP Gateways (as we alerady do this), but the site in question is a H323 site and therefore the setup does not resemble the MGCP in any way.

I tried doing aquick search in for a configuration guide without success.

Can you suggest anything for a H323 site that neds to use an Analogue Interface for one of these Polyom phones?

Many thnaks.


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