Failing is OK, but to fail like this is so sad!!!

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Nov 8th, 2007

Hi tech Pro,

I took my CCNA 640-801 exam but I failed. I do not hate failing but guess what I scored 847 which makes it so painful. But still life goes on

I have this problem too.
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bvsnarayana03 Sat, 11/10/2007 - 00:38

A guy rushed in to the exam center full of confidence to register for CCNA exam. Co-ordinator asked when he was planning to appear. The guy replied, today I'll walk out of this center as CCNA certified. Three hours later he was half dead to the see on the screen, "SORRY". He failed by a margin of 2 marks. The coordinator made fun of him.

He immediately appeared for it once again & managed to creep out with passing score though not good enough. This guy didnt see the switch or router in his life till then. After certification, he got a job in networking & in the next few months he was a CCIP. Now he's preparing for CCIE.

Thats me. Though in the beginning, I was hesitant taking CCIP, bcoz a simple exam like ccna had taken me 2 attempts. But it was the passion, that took me through end of CCIP. & that passion was because of the taste of failure. For months i just slept for 4 hrs, just in an attempt to avoid failure this time.

I know its awkward to be standing in the queue of failures. But u'll taste the sweetness of failure when u'll hold ur head high standing in elite group of successfull people. Thats when u'll tell the stories of ur failure, because from there u reached this position. You'll relish the times of failure.

I'm not here to tell stories. Though many CCIEs would have better than mine. But its just an attempt to motivate u. Dont miss to be in the group of people who'll push u forward to keep u ahead in life. This forum is full of such people. Be regular member here, u'll loose nothing.

What is life without failures. I read somewhere:

"If its about intellectual ability & its humanly possible, then I can do it". so could u.

Best of luck.

thonghawkyen Sun, 11/11/2007 - 07:40


I hv just recertified my CCNP. It took me 3 attempts. I was over confident as i passed so easily the last time and tasted the bitterness of failure this time. Many who read this may laught at my 3 attempts but that was wht happened to me. I had to face the reality, i failed. But i didn't gv up. So don't gv up.



anghesomt Sun, 11/11/2007 - 13:19

Hi, thank you so much for lifting my morale. After working for five years in infrastructure development, I never thought it is gonna be hard. but failure brings positive challenges.

I was just so mad that it was the last day for the CCNA 640-801 exam and the version expired that day.

But life goes on and beleiving in our selves is key element for success.

Thanks for sharing

tperrier Mon, 11/12/2007 - 00:02

A colleague of mine wanted to prepare for the same exam (the old one). I encouraged him to study for the new exam instead (don't know what he eventually chosed), because the IT industry is all about having the newest stuff, latest revision, etc.; bring on the future, forget the past. Also he was hesitant because there's apparently more content to learn for the 802 version, like Wi-Fi. But that's not an issue: that's an opportunity to learn more! Today he'd have no choice. ;)

Yeah, you are right!

When myself failed for the first time, I was very much discouraged, thinking not to try again. But 640-801 was about to expire, I had one more month to try my luck. I studied very hard, so confident that I will get 900 over, but luckly I managed to pass but now with good margin, anyway I PASS!!!

Now I am thinking and looking to do CCNP in future.... so life goes on.... Need to struggle.

OmahaGTP1 Thu, 11/29/2007 - 13:21

Same here. I just got out of the testing center, and when I saw it said "847" and I needed an "849" I didn't even have anything to say. I was so disappointed.

Especially since I can think of at least 2 questions where I knew better, but I just didn't think about it long enough at the time.

So don't feel too bad, I failed with the same score. I know how you feel and it sure isn't good.

akimalijbsk8r Thu, 11/29/2007 - 14:17

I passed the 640-801 on November 6th. But that was my third try! My first try was in August and like you, I scored an 847. But I was cocky so I went on the exact day that I could retake it (and didn't study much at all that week!) I dropped 60 more points off of that score! I was about to give up. But I studied some more and luckily found a walk-in center that had some openings on the 6th. This time about half-way through, I knew I was going to pass and I did. A few guys at my job kind of smirked when I told them that was my third try, but guess what...I HAVE A CCNA AND THEY DON'T! I CAN SUBNET IN MY HEAD AND THEY CAN'T, etc, etc! Mind you, these guys are "engineers" who have been working on firewalls for years. Keep it up. The knowledge is PRICELESS!


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