JORGE RODRIGUEZ Mon, 11/12/2007 - 07:45
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Hi Mohammad,

If upgrading 515E from R to UR ( Unrestricted ) you need software license

upgrade part number ( PIX-515-SW-R-UR= )

If you will be using a pair of PIX 515E in a failover architecture

One PIX must have FO ( Failover ) license and the other PIX 515E UR Lisence, refer to link bellow on software features license types for your 515E models.

Licensing Software features

Licensing and Activation Keys

Other information : I suggest go over this link to prepare you for upgrade and

be familiar with new code 7.x specially comming from 6.x

UPgrading PIX 6.x to 7.X code, depricated commands and other changes

When appliying license upgrade at the 6.x code once you upgrade to 7.x the existing license from

6.x is preserved, refer to license section on same link above.

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