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I didn't figure out why the CiscoAddress.addCallObserver doesn't give me any event.

The CallObserver for the CTI port implements MediaCallObserver?

I'm not dialing to a cti port directly from a IP Phone, I'm dialing through jtapi. But to make that call, I need to add a CallObserver to the ip phone's address, right?

I add an Observer to the CiscoMediaTerminal also. When I use only these observers, I can receive the CallCtlConnEv from the cti's address, but when I try to accept the call, the cti's address is out of service. That's because I don't add any CallObserver to that address.

If I add a CallObserver to the cti's address, I cannot receive any CallControlConnEv from the cti's address. In that CallObserver, I try to catch the CallControlConnEv..I really don't know why it doesn't catch any event.

Could you help me?

Thank you!

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