MCS 7816-I3 number of ip phones support

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Nov 17th, 2007

Hi am trying to get to know how many IP phones max. can each of the 7800 support. I need to support at least 100 ip phones with call manager 6.0 I guess MCS 7816-I3 can do it but i can't find any doc. where it tells this info.

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Rob Huffman Sat, 11/17/2007 - 21:28

Hi Mauricio,

This info is impossible to find it seems :( The specs for the 7816 will be the same as the server it has replaced the 7815. Have a look;

With Cisco Unified CM 6.x, a cluster may contain as many as 20 servers, of which a maximum of eight may run the Cisco CallManager Service that provides call processing. The other servers may be configured as a dedicated database publisher, dedicated Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server, or music on hold (MoH) servers. Media streaming applications (conference bridge or media termination point) may also be enabled on a separate server that registers with the cluster.

When deploying a cluster with Cisco MCS 7815 or equivalent servers, there is a maximum limit of two servers in a cluster: one as the publisher, TFTP server, and backup call processing server, and the other as the primary call processing server. A maximum of 500 phones is supported in this configuration with Cisco Unified CM 6.x on a Cisco MCS 7815. When deploying a two-server cluster with higher-capacity servers, Cisco recommends that you do not exceed 1250 users in the cluster. Above 1250 users, a dedicated publisher and separate servers for primary and secondary call processing services is recommended, thus increasing the number of servers in a cluster.

It is also possible to deploy a single-server cluster with an MCS 7825 or greater servers. With an MCS 7825 or equivalent server, the limit is 500 users; with a higher-availability server, the single-server cluster should not exceed 1000 users. In a single-server configuration, there is no redundancy unless Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) is also deployed to provide service during periods when the Unified CM is not available. Cisco does not recommend a single-server deployment for production environments. The load balancing option is not available when the publisher is a backup call processing subscriber.

From the 6.x SRND;

If you are thinking of going with a single server deployment, the 7825 or 7828 are better choices.

Hope this helps!


mauricebar Sun, 11/18/2007 - 13:54

Hi Rob, thanks I guess it works for up to 300 users. But I still have a quiestion, how does licensing works, I have to buy the license for each IP phone, that's OK. Am working with call manager 6.0, do I have to buy this item? LIC-CM6.0-7816= Without it I won't be able to work?

Thanks for your help.


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