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i have installed campus Manager,Common services and RME on server (NMS-1).. And installed IPM and DFM on a seperate server (NMS-2). This is CW-LMS 2.6

Can you please guide me as to how can i get devices information from Campus Manager (which is on NMS-1) to DFm (which is on NMS-2)? I read somewhere in the documents that the CS modules should be unique in a network, i.e. there should be only 1 campus Manager (and same for RME, DFM, CS, IPM) installed on either of a server.

Also, i want to configure DFM for only some particlaur ports of the devices that i have configured. How can i do that?

I have this problem too.
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You need to do the following things in order:

All these are located in the following GUI path:

Common Services-->Server-->

Create a self signed certificate (PKI) or have on created and import it in the "Certificate Setup" section on each server.

Import the PKI certificate from the other server under Multi-Server Trust Management--> Peer Server Certificate Setup on both NMS-1 and NMS-2

Set up a common system identity under Multi-Server Trust Management--> System Identity Setup on BOTH servers as the same name and password.

I would suggest setting up SSO also so that the NMS-1 box would be your master and NMS-2 be your slave server.

After you have done this, restart all your daemons by either "dmgtd stop and dmgtd start" from the command line or reboot your boxes.

You now need to configure Campus to automatically populate your Device Credential Repository.

I would suggest also that you define any custom groups you want under the group manager in common services instead of the individual applications for consistancy as each application outside of CS has inconsistant rules.

Yes, i restarted crdmgtd on both boxes.

pdshow output for both servers are attached.

yes i can run DCRCLI.In DCRCLI mode, i can view detail id=1 for my first device in NMS1, but same output in NMS2 does not give me any output (reason, is the same, no device in DCR).

I have recreated the trust relationship to make sure that i am not missing anything, but still the same.


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