Upgrade to LMS 3.0 from 2.6

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Nov 19th, 2007
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I just received LMS 3.0. I would like to do a "clean install" as opposed to an upgrade. I could use some guidance on how to completely uninstall 2.6 and any other system preparation tasks prior to installing 3.0. Has anyone else done this (ie - unistall 2.6 and install 3.0)?? What's the best practice here?

Thanks for your assistance.

Correct Answer by Joe Clarke about 9 years 6 months ago

This is a known bug (CSCsk19350). A patch is available from http://www.cisco.com/cgi-bin/tablebuild.pl/cwa10 .

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Joe Clarke Mon, 11/19/2007 - 20:20
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Just do the uninstall as you would normally, then remove the left over NMSROOT directory when you're done. If this is Windows, then reboot after that.

chharris41 Mon, 11/19/2007 - 21:42
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Ok - thanks for that. One other thing - Are there any registry keys/entries I need to be concerned with left over from the uninstall?

Joe Clarke Mon, 11/19/2007 - 23:39
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No, there shouldn't be if the uninstall is done properly. If that fails, you can contact the TAC for an executable that will completely clean the system of CiscoWorks.

chharris41 Thu, 11/22/2007 - 20:11
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Thanks for all your assistance. I have just 1 last issue I need help with so I can can move forward on the LMS 3.0 install tomorrow.

We are not using DNS for our devices, I have created a Hosts file though with the IP's and device names I want to use.

What do I need to do on the install so that DFM will use the device names (rather than IP addresses) for the "Managed Object = " field in the email notifications? Heres what we get now in 2.6:

EVENT ID = 000HD17


TIME = Thu 22-Nov-2007 05:01:53 PST

STATUS = Active

SEVERITY = Critical



EVENT DESCRIPTION = OperationallyDown::Component=CARD- [0/1/0] [Unknown];SystemName=;Status=CRITICAL;StandbyStatus=NOTAPPLICABLE;Location=Slot:0/1/0|Serial#:0|HwVersion:1.3|SwVersion:|;Description=Unknown;



Is the hosts file adequate or do I need to do anything else? Also - what do I check (or uncheck) as far as using reverse dns, use host name, use system name (whats the diff?), etc... in the setup?

Thanks again for all your help.


Joe Clarke Thu, 11/22/2007 - 20:45
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A hosts file should be adequate. You can check hostname resolution using the resolver.pl utility that is distributed with LMS:

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/resolver.pl HOSTNAME

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/resolver.pl IPADDRESS

You want forward and reverse resolution to be consistent.

chharris41 Fri, 11/23/2007 - 15:33
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I installed LMS 3.0 fine, then updated to Campus 5.0.1 and DFM 3.0.1 - now when I go to Server Setup there are red X's (instead of green check marks) under column "version supported" . What am I missing here? The installs of both patches seemed like they went fine with no issues.


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