PG1B VRU PIM Didn't go Active when PG1A goes offline

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Hello All,

Here is my scenario, I am running IPCC Enterprise 6.0 sr11 with CCM 4.1.3 sr5d, and IPIVR 3.5.4 sr2. I am running a duplexed IPCC environment with side A in Ca and side B in Tx connecting via a full DS3, I also have 2 CCM servers at each location (a Pub and a Sub in Ca and 2 Subs in Tx) single cluster with 2 Subs in Tx. And also an IPIVR server at each location. And my problem is when I did my DR test by shutting down side A for some reason the VRU PIM on PG1B did not go active, it looked like it was trying to activate but it never go active. I have ran setup on PG1B and all settings were checked out fine.

Any thoughts / suggestions on what could be wrong will be highly appreciated !!!

Thanks very much in advance !!!


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david.macias Mon, 11/26/2007 - 09:53
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I would quadruple check the configuration, you can use something like the support tools registry compare to ensure that they are correct. Has this PIM ever gone active?


Hello David,

That's a good question ! I don't recall the IVR PIM on PG1B ever go active. I re-ran setup on PG1B and I am puzzling about the settings under Device Managemanet Protocol Properties, can you please take a look for me ? please see attachment !!! my question is since I have a duplexed environment and both the CallRouter and Logger are running on the same box. Should I be selecting CallRouter is Local for both Side A and Side B ? and also should I be selecting Side B preferred ?

thank you very much !!! appreciate your response !!!


david.macias Mon, 11/26/2007 - 19:04
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The config looks fine, at least that one screen. Do any of the PIMS go active at all? if you do an status opctest, what do you see?


Hi Danny!

Some real quick things to check is from the B side PG make sure you can ping the IP of the IPIVR that is not going active and also that you can telnet to the port which should be listening for the connection (ie: telnet ). Syntax is using a space between the hostname and the port number and your just looking for some response not an actual connection here :)

In case that still works would need a bit more information to help a little furhter...

Do you have a PG split over the WAN with Pim1 pointing to the IPIVR in CA and Pim2 pointing to the IPIVR in TX? There are a number of other configurations for this so just want to make sure to understand details around which PG/Pim/IPIVR correlations are in place.

Also when you say you shut down the "A side" - specifically are you saying you shut down the A side of the IVR or Generic PG or are there other processes stopped as part of the testing?

What specifically do the 3-4 lines in the logs show for the associated pim?

Keeping in mind that when teh PG initiates the connection to the IPIVR - it only uses the IP address/Port.

Hello James ! I appreciate your response !!!

Yes, I can ping and telnet from the PG1B to IPIVR.

Yes, PG1B is split over the WAN with PIM 2 pointing to IPIVR1 and PIM3 pointing to IPIVR2, and PG1B and IPIVR2 are co-located in Tx.

During the DR test I shut down all nodes on the A side which include RoggerA, IPIVR1, PG1A, and the primary CAD server. When the A side was completely offline my CAD agent can still login and I can see all processes on PG1B went from idle to active except for the IPIVR2 PIM, it was trying to activate but it never go active.

I was not able to pull any logs so I can't tell you what the logs said.

Please let me know what you think might be wrong in my configuration !!!

thank you very much !!!



Thanks for the additional information! Since we don't have logs I need to ask if we have the configuration whether by screenshot, registry key or any other means?

For simplicity - this is a generic PG with normal duplexing. Just a quick chart on test case and expected states based on what you've said:

Pim Connected to Expected Status

Pim 1 CCM Online

Pim 2 IPIVR1 Offline

Pim 3 IPIVR2 Online

Pim1 should be online to the CCM Subs in TX

Pim2 should be offline as the only resource it can connect to has been shut down.

Pim3 should be online as the IPIVR in TX is online

Assuming that your test results differed from the chart above and without any logs, opctest information or anything to troubleshoot further - there is not much more to look at. There just is not enough raw data to give any indication of root cause.

Were you able to place a inbound test call while in DR and did you have any IVR resources available?

Hello James ! I appreciate your response again !!! I have attached some screenshots of the config on PG1B, please let me know what you find !!!

This is what I got with the A side offline.

Pim1 online to the CCM Subs in TX

Pim2 offline as the only resource it can connect to has been shut down.

Pim3 should be online as the IPIVR2 in TX is online. But never go online.

No, I was not able to place inbound calls due to the IPIVR2 PIM on PG1B was not able to go online. I got busy a signal on all of my tollfree numbers.

thanks again !!!


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