CDR Cause for Call Termination 17?

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Nov 22nd, 2007

Hi experts,

we have an issue that our general number (ex 5200) was noticed to be constantly engaged for about 10mins but only one person is actually engaged in a call. This is a shared number w/ 10 persons as their 2nd line.

We checked the CDR and found out that theres' alot of "call termination" call of 17 (user busy) and the "OrigCallTerminationOnBehalfOf" is 5 meaning the call is terminated because of a "call forward"?

Could this mean that the calls is always forwarded? but the OrigCalledNumber & FinalCalledNumber is the same.

Thanks in advance

I have this problem too.
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gogasca Thu, 11/22/2007 - 19:29

This is why the originator was terminated. The originator was terminated on behalf of Device, Call Manager, Transfer, Conference, Call Park, etc. For example, if the originator of the call hangs up the phone to terminate the call, the OnBehalfOf code would be “Device”. If the call is terminated because of a transfer, the OnBehalfOf code would be “Transfer”

For example,

• 40003 calls 40001

• 40001 CFNA to 40000

• 40000 answers and hangs up

You may see origCallTerminationOnBehalfOf set to 5.

The best option is to see CCM detailed traces.

You may open a TAC case and provide us more information.

CCM version including SR or ES

Current setup (shared lines) (Max number of Calls, Busy trigger) CF options.

Type of GW

Phone Models and Phone loads



redrobish Thu, 11/22/2007 - 20:47

thanks for replying.

in [If the call is terminated because of a transfer, the OnBehalfOf code would be “Transfer”], I would like to know where it would be transfer? Pls. enlighten me what happen when the OnBehalfOf code is 5=transfer?


CM 4.1(3)sr3a

shared line, max # of calls=3, busy=2


7960, 8.0(6.)

gogasca Thu, 11/22/2007 - 21:02


I mentioned an example for transfer and other for CF, which is 5.

Sorry for not clarifying hehe

What if you unconfigured CFB for those shared lines as a test? Same issue?

My advise is take a look at CCM detailed traces to see what exactly happens when an inocming call arrives, and in ISDN debug which is the reason code why call is rejected.


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