amritpatek Wed, 11/28/2007 - 14:33
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Yes you can check for windows firewall. The personal firewall software that System Detection checks for includes:

Cisco Security Agent (4.0 through 4.5)

Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) (Windows XP through XP SP2)

ISS BlackICE PC Protection (3.6)

McAfee Personal Firewall (4.0 through 5.0)

Norton Personal Firewall (2003 through 2005)

Sygate Personal Firewall (5.0 through 5.5)

ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall (4.0 through 5.0) Wed, 11/28/2007 - 15:43
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Thanks for the reply. I am looking at the ICF firewall. Do you know what's the pre-configured check/rule name for it.

Anyway, after googled on the internet, I found the ICF firewall was controlled by the following registry setting. I manually created a check/rule. It seems working. Now I will further find out what's the registry related to the vista windows firewall.






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