Chris Deren Sat, 11/24/2007 - 07:21

No, however you install Exchange on the same server as Unity for a voicemail only solution.

Perhaps you should look at Unity Connection for all-in-one voice mail soultion.



richb1971 Sun, 11/25/2007 - 03:29

Thanks Chris. I wanted to install VM only but don't have license for Exchange. Have bought Unity 4.2 already. So would we need to integrate with with existing offbox Exchange even for just VM?

Chris Deren Sun, 11/25/2007 - 08:36

When you purchased Unity you are entitiled to the shipping version of Exchange, and you should have Exchange 2003 media in one of the envelopes.

You can install Exchange on the same server as Unity server if you are running voicemail only solution without secondary Unity server. If you have secondary server you can install Exchange on the secondary server only with Unity 5.0, with 4.2 you need a dedicated message store server.



richb1971 Mon, 11/26/2007 - 00:59

Cheers Chris. The discs I got are:

Platform Discovery Unity Operating System 2003 & Data Store 2000.

Does one of the above contain Exchange?

Can I use Unity 4.2 on same server as Exchange if for VM only?



richb1971 Tue, 11/27/2007 - 04:00


We've got Windows Server 2003 and a "Cisco Unity Enterprise Message Store 2000"! Is Exchange 2003 only supplied with Unity 5? We have Unity 4.2 without failover.

ranpierce Tue, 11/27/2007 - 06:32

I would open a TAC case to see if you can get the "Cisco Unity Enterprise Message Store 2003 CD"



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