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Nov 25th, 2007

I configured in a switched network VTP .

It is posible that the VTP server to send information about VLAN's with the ports configured for each VLAN?

I configured on the VTP server Vlan 2 and Vlan 3, and port fa0/2 in Vlan 2 and port fa0/3 in Vlan 3. The VTP client is getting the information about Vlan's along with the ports fa0/2 and fa0/3. I know that ports configured for each Vlan are localy significant. No matter what port I configure on VTp client , it will be updated with the configuration fron VTP server.

I configured this on Boson simulatior , but it is posible on real cisco equipments ?

I have this problem too.
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bvsnarayana03 Sun, 11/25/2007 - 06:18

VTP server only sends the VLAN information to VTP client & not the ports associated with VLANs.Also for the server & client to share VLAN info, they have to be on the same VTP domain & if passwords are configured then they have to match on all switches in domain.

Config revision number is incremented everytime, there is a change associated with VLAN.

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Spinu Viorel Sun, 11/25/2007 - 07:30

i am preparing for ccna exam and i worked only with software simulators.

i learned exactly as u wrote... i think that is a software bug.

i wanted to hear somebodyelse opinion, just to be certain.

thank u!


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