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Nov 26th, 2007
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Welcome to the Cisco Networking Professionals Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to get tips for deploying Cisco 1861 for unified communications and secure routing with Cisco experts Subbu Mahadevan and Mohammed Ahmed. Subbu has been with Cisco Systems for the past eight years. During this time he has managed the Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers and their previous generation products. In addition, he has managed the xDSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) product portfolio at Cisco. In his current role, as a product line manager, he continues to drive business and technology roadmap for these products. Mohammed is a senior product manager at Cisco in the Access Routing Technology Group, responsible for the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series product line for the small and medium-sized business market, a key platform of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System. He has been with Cisco since 2005 and was instrumental in driving the product definition, packaging, and timely introduction of the Unified Communications 500 Series product family to the market.

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Abdulbaseer Mohammed Tue, 11/27/2007 - 06:53
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What is 1861 and if you can give some intro will be helpful.

I have call center expertise mile wide and inch deep in cisco. I do have good understanding of IPCC enterprise, xpress, CM bit of unity.



smahadev Tue, 11/27/2007 - 10:37
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The 1861 is a UC focused ISR that comes with some fixed voice ports (FXS) and POE switch ports. The packaging reflects Cisco's UC applns CME and SRST, with factory options for FXO and BRI. The platform has a single HWIC for data WAN access that supports a wide range of WAN interfaces. In addition, the 1861 supports a wide range of IOS images consistent with the ISRs. For more info, please refer:

Bojan Zivancevic Fri, 11/30/2007 - 02:18
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I have an exact question, and a very important one for my company. In the past week I was examiming 1861 specs in detail because we are considering on using 1861 for our small branch offices. Currently we are deploying 1841.

So, the Q is: does integrated BRI ports support data traffic?

You see, we have some 70+ branches, and the company standard is frame relay as a primary linka, and isdn for backup. So, 1861 looks promising, I can install HWIC serial card, and (possibly) use one integrated BRI port for data, and the other BRI port for the PSTN connection.

If I can't use these BRI ports for data, then 1861 is not an option for us.


smahadev Mon, 12/03/2007 - 15:52
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The BRI ports support PSTN voice only, and have feature consistency with VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE. If ADSL is an option for WAN, then you can use the dual-port card HWIC-ADSL-B/ST, where the 'B' supports BRI data.

paolo bevilacqua Mon, 12/03/2007 - 19:13
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I think also a single-port data BRI card would work, in any case, you can also connect both ports to the same NT, as the S/T bus is multipoint.

ananddiwakar Tue, 12/04/2007 - 03:45
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Does the device support more than 8 phones by using additional switches or 8 is the maximum limit.

Also how many DSPs are included in 1861. Bit worried as these are not upgradable

smahadev Tue, 12/04/2007 - 11:28
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Anand - The 1861 only supports upto 8 IP phones; so for now 8 is the max. We are considering expanding this user count, in which case you would use an external switch. I dont have an ETA for when this will be available. The PVDM included as default is the PVDM2-32 and so sufficient capacity for the mkt positioning of this platform, I believe.

paulmoreton1978 Tue, 12/04/2007 - 03:48
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I am looking to install a Cisco ASA 5510 in one of our cabinets at a remote DataCentre however we have a lmitation on the numbe rof AMPS we are allowed. Can anyone confirm the total AMP outage for one of these devices please? I checked the Cisco spec document for the device but it states 3amps - this seems very high.



bala_cisco Tue, 12/04/2007 - 09:29
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Dear Subbu,

I have a small problem in our network side. we are using the satellite connection. Inthe satellite signal receiving the receiver from the receiver to connected to modem and the modem to firewall from the firewall to router. In the router to switch is this anything is wrong connection. becoz the link is very slow here. can you please advice me anything i have to change here.



smahadev Tue, 12/04/2007 - 11:37
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Balaji - Need to learn more of your configs. What features are turned on within the 1861? Is FW, for example, on a separate appliance? Can you send me an email and cc:modeshmu? will take a look.



bala_cisco Wed, 12/05/2007 - 01:57
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Subbu-I have attached my network diagram please find out the attachment. let me know anythings you want. we connected the network like tthis is this any problem please tel me. i need the is there any security risk is there. if it yes please tel how to protect that. And we configured the IPSec VPN using the ASA 5510 firewall. and send me the any security risk.

smahadev Thu, 12/06/2007 - 10:24
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Bala - I would need the actual configs to understand what features are being used on 1861.Please email smahadev and modeshmu this info. Also, from your Ntw Diag, I see '1840' - just want to reconfirm that you are indeed using the 1861 in your network?



smahadev Thu, 12/06/2007 - 10:21
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The BGP support on the 1861 should be consistent with that on the 1841, so - all feature sets IP Base and higher.


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