Collin Clark Mon, 11/26/2007 - 11:02

You'll learn more if you figure out the problem yourself, so I won't provide the answer. However, check out this link (especially the bottom portion) and it will help you work out the answer.


pipemajor Mon, 11/26/2007 - 16:36

Actually, the solution is already provided to you.

This is a VLSM problem. You need to learn to associate a given subnet mask with the number of hosts it provides. Then match the number of hosts with the problem criteria.

Hint: Learn your blocksizes... And a point-to-point serial link is almost always a .252 mask (/30).

mailziyad Tue, 01/08/2008 - 00:38

its easy.subnetting is easy if u remember this calculation.since its class c subnetting we wil start from 25 = 128, 26 = 192, 27=224,28 = 240 ,29= 248,30=250 ,31=252


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