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Nov 28th, 2007


I try associate resource with new configured context, but I got this error message:

ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin(config)# context MIDDLE

ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin(config-context)# member RC_MIDDLE

Error: resources in use

what does it mean?

here is a configuration part:

resource-class RC_DEVEL

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_FE

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_IAM

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_ISP_DATA

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_ISP_FE

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_MIDDLE

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

resource-class RC_TEST

limit-resource all minimum 10.00 maximum unlimited

context DEVEL

allocate-interface vlan 144

allocate-interface vlan 244-245

member RC_DEVEL

context FE

description FrontEnd segment

allocate-interface vlan 142

allocate-interface vlan 240

allocate-interface vlan 242

member RC_FE

context IAM

allocate-interface vlan 172

allocate-interface vlan 272

member RC_IAM

context ISP_FE

description ISP_FE

allocate-interface vlan 169

allocate-interface vlan 269

member RC_ISP_FE

context MIDDLE

context TEST

description TEST_SEGMENT

allocate-interface vlan 141

allocate-interface vlan 241

member RC_TEST

the same situation (error: resources in use) occurs, if I try associate (unused) resource RC_ISP_FE with new context MIDDLE.

where can be a problem?


I have this problem too.
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danger_mousie Wed, 11/28/2007 - 05:36

I also encountered this. I configured the context first wth acls and loggng running, so when i later created the resource class, the resources were in use as there error said. I got around it temporarily by individually limiting the resources that were not in use. Then when it was appropriate, (and after backing up the configs) I deleted the context, and re-entered the config in the following order:



allocate vlans

member resource-class

What resources are in use for you?: sh res usage

Be aware of bug: CSCse99442 when viewing this output

Caveats and bugs:

Martin Kyrc Wed, 11/28/2007 - 05:46

This workaround isn't helpful :(.

Customer upgraded some of licenses and after this action, is unable to create new contexts (with other as default resource class).

I found bug CSCsg91127 but ACE is running SW version 3.0(0)A1(6.2) and this workaround wasn't helpful (remove and re-add context).

danger_mousie Wed, 11/28/2007 - 06:01

Sorry to hear that, indeed it doesn't sound like much of a work around. If the license mismatch occurred the first time the context was added, chances are it will occur the second time too. Perhaps the actual experts here will have a better idea. ;) I suggest entering the output of sh res usage here as it might be relevant.

danger_mousie Wed, 11/28/2007 - 06:31

From the output it looks like resources were allocated to all contexts ok. Does member [resource-class] appear in the running config?

Martin Kyrc Wed, 11/28/2007 - 06:37

ups, my mistake. it IS license mismatch problem. here is a log output from yesterday:

Nov 27 22:00:33: handle_auto_sync_cli_change_mts:1412 License mismatch with peer occured

I'll try apply workaround again.

Martin Kyrc Wed, 11/28/2007 - 07:52


ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin# sh resource usage sum


Resource Current Peak Min Max Denied


Context: Summary

conc-connections 38169 172959 4800000 22400000 0

mgmt-connections 21 129 3000 14000 0

proxy-connections 54 220 524290 3670016 0

xlates 0 0 524290 3670016 0

bandwidth 15339783 486262514 300000000 3500000000 492

connection rate 244 2427 500000 3500000 0

ssl-connections rate 0 13 5000 35000 0

mgmt-traffic rate 574 655938 62500000 437500000 0

mac-miss rate 0 272 1000 7000 0

inspect-conn rate 0 0 3000 21000 0

acl-memory 157520 157584 7861044 31444174 0

regexp 100 100 0 524288 0

syslog buffer 4194304 4194304 0 2097152 0

syslog rate 504 3332 0 1500 0

syslog buffer is a reason of resource allocation...

we tried define resource class with minimum 0% and restrict minimum individual per resource:

ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin(config-resource)# limit-resource buffer syslog

minimum 10 maximum unlimited

Error: applying resource parameter limit failed

ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin(config-resource)# limit-resource conc-connections

minimum 10 maximum unlimited

ba-ace1-bbc4/Admin(config-resource)# limit-resource mgmt-connections

minimum 10 maximum unlimited

danger_mousie Thu, 11/29/2007 - 06:58

Indeed, that was my first suggestion as you may recall. ;) The syslogs will continue to absorb the resources, so if you still can't recreate the context successfully, try to limit the type of logging you are doing, 5 instead of 7 for example. That should get you by until there is a fix for the bug. I haven't found a way to empty the buffer unfortunately.

danger_mousie Sun, 01/27/2008 - 05:19

Hello again,

I seem to have stumbled on a workaround for this issue:

The resource that is overused is buffer syslog as you explained. So if you limit each resource to e.g. 20% individually, and buffer syslog to min 0 max unlim, just to allow the context to become a member of the resource class successfully without causing the Resource in use error (as you have done). Then, go back into the resource class config, and enter limit all min [20] max eq, then negate all of the individually assigned resources, it will show in resource usage that the current has gone down to 20%. So now you can allocate the resources as you wish. I'm also allocating a resource class to the admin context now so that it doesn't swallow up the buffer again.

Hope this helps.


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