David Stanford Wed, 11/28/2007 - 06:51
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Which database is growing? rme.db, cmf.sb, etc??

Also, how many devices do you have in your database and are you receiving a lot of syslog messages, config archives..?

You should make sure that you are purging items within the GUI. Have a look at purging change audit records and syslog messages.

wwanjohi123 Wed, 11/28/2007 - 21:13
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-First of all my Ciscoworks folder capacity is 115 GB, i have 19.7GB free.

-My database folder alone is 96.3 GB.I have checked all the subfolders and rmeng is 95.6GB

-rmeng.db is 333MB

-SyslogFirst.db is 29GB

-SyslogSecond.db is 34GB

-SyslogThird.db is 36GB

- I have 276 equipment in my inventory.

When i try connecting to administration in Campus manager i can't connect to ANIdb i get this error "Error (2),Can not connect to server: Exception in connectToAni().Unable to load properties from server. Please try after sometime." is the database size the problem?


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