allan.thomas Wed, 11/28/2007 - 07:00

Hi Ajaz, are you refering to Web fast-dials, or are you looking at Abbreviated-Dialing with speed-dials?

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any way of updating common web fast-dials this is not possible through BAT and inserting users.

I tend to use abbreviated-dialing with new deployments, with an existing deployment you may feel or decide that this approach is not very practicle.

With most new deployments I normally create a phone template and/or device profile template and add all the appropriate abbrev. speed-dials to each. Then when you BAT the phones in using this template each phone will have the same abbrev. speed-dials.

The only drawback is if you multiple different phone types, you would have to add your abbrev. speed-dials to each phone type template.

Also if you have multiple abbrev. speed-dial ensure that you update regularly otherwise you find the session times-out and you will loose your changes.



AJAZ NAWAZ Wed, 11/28/2007 - 07:44

Hi Allan,

This is an existing deployment and it's abbr dialing just to be clear. So is it going to have to be BAT?



allan.thomas Wed, 11/28/2007 - 08:11

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other alternative for updating the abbrev. speed-dials for existing phones than through BAT.

The only problem with BAT in this particular scenario is that you cannot specifically update the speed-dials, these are added when you insert with the template.

One option which you could test on a small number of phones, which I have not tried is to BAT insert the phones with the overide existing configuration option checked?



allan.thomas Tue, 12/04/2007 - 16:38

Ajaz, I have been looking into the override feature within BAT, and unfortunately this also specifically relates to inserting phones using a specific template whereby the values within the template can be overwritten with the one contained in the CSV.

If you configure the template to CFB to 1000 then all the phones inserted using this template will be set to CFB to 1000.

However, you can override this setting by specifying another number in the CSV for other particular phones. For example, if you insert phones using the same template to CFB to 1000 and then in the CSV you CFB to another destination then this will take precedent over the template with override checked.



AJAZ NAWAZ Wed, 12/05/2007 - 03:39


Thanks for your input so far. The requirement has changed somewhat since then. Can fastdial lists be built-up from corp directories. You see if they can then perhaps a change in the corp directory will inturn propagate the change in fastdial list and give us what we really need, that is, a central point of control for departmental fastdial lists. 'Departmental' being the keyword.



AJAZ NAWAZ Wed, 12/05/2007 - 07:21


Am I beginning to tread on the lines of IPCC with this one...?

Put it this way, I'v been told by heavily experienced PBX man the most of the traditional call routing engines (Avaya, Metidian etc.), had this capability. Just to reiterate - tailored fastdial (or call it speed dial if you like), per department, and single change to any entry - will replicate to all IP stations within that particular dept. And a 'Supervisor' of any one dept can edit the list from their phone.

If it's not available - perhaps a feature request should be in order.



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