WIC and NM..what is the difference?

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Nov 29th, 2007

Could someone please help to explain the difference between WIC (Wan Interface Card) and NM (Network Module) cards for me?.

I thought these are just the same or not?

Thanks in Advance

I have this problem too.
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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Thu, 11/29/2007 - 18:55

NM network module refers to the expantion slot where allows for installation of other interfaces that provides for various services depending on the platform for example you may find a 16 port switch module or a two FE module to be installed in the NM slot etc.. you would see the part number begining with NM , the WIC cards are mostly wan cards E1, T1 etc, you could also find a network module where you can install WIC cards as well..



ccbootcamp Sat, 12/01/2007 - 11:46

WIC cards are little NM cards are bigger. :)

Feature cards, interfaces, etc, can come in NM or WIC cards. Just make sure the card you are using is supported by the router you want to use it in. Routers which have WIC and NM slots typically have more WIC slots than NM slots.

This is a very general question, but hopefully I provided some insight for you.



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curci Mon, 12/03/2007 - 11:37

Both WIC and NM are families of interface

cards used in the Cisco 26xx, 28xx, 37xx,

38xx routers. WIC = Wan Interface Card,

NM = Network Module?

For example, the Cisco 2811 router can

accomodate four WIC cards and 1 NM card.

Generally speaking, the NM card is used

for applications with higher density.

For example, if you need an asynchronous

serial card, Cisco has both an 8-port WIC

card, but also makes 16-port and 32-port

NM cards.


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