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Dear All,

I have just inheirted a pair of two legged (bridged) CSS11506 (software version My goal is to enable ip communication between two vlans ( Vlan X [] , and Vlan Y[] where CSS sits).

The question is would it be ok if I add an static route entry on CSS to redirect traffics to Vlan X via Cisco3550 (without passing thru CSS)? Servers in Vlan X need not be handeled by CSS in Vlan Y.

It is because if doing so the traffics initiated from Vlan X would not pass thru CSS, but the return traffics from Vlan Y would..would this cause problem with CSS?


Vlan X : / 24

Vlan Y : / 24


Vlan X : /24

FW : /24

ip route

ip route

Traffic Path:

Vlan X > Cisco3550(intervlan routing) > Vlan Y

Return traffic :

Vlan Y > CSS11506 > Cisco3550(intervlan routing) > Vlan X

I hope I made myself clear, I have more detailed diagram available if needed.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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