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Nov 30th, 2007

My home CCNA lab consists of 3x 2501 routers w/ 16/16 and 12.2 IOS plus I recently acquired a 2620XM router with 12.3.t-something code.

I've heard the current CCNA exams are based on the 12.4 IOS. Can I even consider runing 12.4 on my old 2501s?

ALSO - my 2620XM has 2 WIC-1DSU-T1 cards. How do I use those? I mean, do I need to plug any device into the port to be able to configure it? I did order 2 WIC-1T cards for serial interfaces...

I don't have access to any IOS images unless I can talk our NOC folks in another part of the country to help me out.

And, what are the major improvements in 12.4 vs 12.2? I noted on my 2620XM router it won't let me designate point-to-point or multipoint on my subinterface configurations.

I have this problem too.
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ccbootcamp Fri, 11/30/2007 - 09:47

no, you can not run 12.4 on the 2500s. i think you should be fine using 12.2 for CCNA. there are a lot of additional features which 12.2 will not do which come into play for CCIE. The 2620XM w/ the proper memory will handle 12.4 enterprise. The WIC-1DSU-T1s are fine, but you will need a CSU/DSU to connect to one of the 2501s to back-to-back them. You'll have to make a T1 x-over cable (pins 1,2 to 4,5 and 4,5 to 1,2).


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