How do I configure voice monitoring across multiple switches?

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Abdulbaseer Mohammed Fri, 11/30/2007 - 09:49

Two ways:

have a local presence like the monitoring server etc or

Setup spanning. It depends on what you are using for your call recording like verint, nice etc or is its just emergency recording no third parties.

mmelbourne Mon, 12/03/2007 - 02:56

You can use RSPAN for downstream switches. We use this for three geographically separate contact centres to copy the voice traffic to a monitoring port in the core network. The RSPAN VLAN is just another VLAN on the trunk between access and distribution switches.

ERSPAN can be used for transfer of mirrored traffic over L3 links (ERSPAN encapsulates the traffic in GRE tunnels).

If the same RSPAN VLAN is used, then because normal MAC-learning rules are changed, the RSPAN traffic is mirrored to all switches; this can have an effect on bandwidth to remote locations. Unfortunately, it's not possible to map multiple RSPAN VLAN sources to a single SPAN destination port (the port connected to the voice monitoring application; the appropriate NIC on a CRS Monitoing server or a third party voice recording application).


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