ivan_tushev Sun, 12/02/2007 - 02:53
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I'm afraid you're wrong:

c4948#sh vlan ?

access-map Vlan access-map

brief VTP all VLAN status in brief

dot1q Display dot1q parameters

filter VLAN filter information

id VTP VLAN status by VLAN id

ifindex SNMP ifIndex

internal VLAN internal usage

mtu VLAN MTU information

name VTP VLAN status by VLAN name

private-vlan Private VLAN information

remote-span Remote SPAN VLANs

summary VLAN summary information

| Output modifiers

glen.grant Sun, 12/02/2007 - 10:59
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Well that certainly is interesting seeing that it is part of the 4500 series switch command and the 4948's use the 4500 code . What code version is that running ? Looks like it has been there since 12.1.13EW if your code is older than that then it won't show up .

show vlan counters

To display the software-cached counter values, use the show vlan counters command.

show vlan [id vlanid] counters

Syntax Description

id vlanid

(Optional) Displays the software-cached counter values for a specific VLAN.


This command has no default settings.

Command Modes

Privileged EXEC

Command History




Support for this command was introduced on the Catalyst 4500 series switches.

Usage Guidelines

If you enter the show vlan counters command without specifying the VLAN ID, the software-cached counter values for all VLANs are displayed.


This example shows how to display the software-cached counter values for a specific VLAN:

Switch# show vlan counters

* Multicast counters include broadcast packets

Vlan Id : 1

L2 Unicast Packets : 0

L2 Unicast Octets : 0

L3 Input Unicast Packets : 0

L3 Input Unicast Octets : 0

L3 Output Unicast Packets : 0

L3 Output Unicast Octets : 0

L3 Output Multicast Packets : 0

L3 Output Multicast Octets : 0

L3 Input Multicast Packets : 0

L3 Input Multicast Octets : 0

L2 Multicast Packets : 1

L2 Multicast Octets : 94


ivan_tushev Sun, 12/02/2007 - 11:33
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I know that it uses 4500 IOS but seems like Cisco decided that such a device won't need any hardware counters for vlans (I doubt that software counters for gig 48ports is good idea).

Here is the "show ver" dump:

Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500-ENTSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(37)SG1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport

Copyright (c) 1986-2007 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Mon 30-Jul-07 13:47 by prod_rel_team

Image text-base: 0x10000000, data-base: 0x11863D38

ROM: 12.2(20r)EW1

Dagobah Revision 226, Swamp Revision 5


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