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Dec 3rd, 2007
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After discovery I add the necessary credentials to a system or private group.

When LMS found new devices it will not add the credentials to the new devices. Base on a network with 900 devices is hard to found where the credential are applied and where not. Any help how to add and where to add appreciate.

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I do feel your pain, I struggled with that same problem but with 5,000 devices.

From your symptoms I'd guess that you were using a pre-LMS 3.0 version of code since theres a checkbox for "use default credentials".

The easiest method I've found for 2v2.6 and earlier versions is to export a complete inventory into a .csv formatted file (dcrcli -u "username" , supply the password, then at the DCRcli primpot do exp fn=/path/filename.csv ft=csv) then sort by the missing credentials (usually you'd specify a Read Only SNMP community string for Campus discovery so sorting by column J , snmp_v2_rw_comm_string, would give you the list the quickest).

Just copy the header into a new spreadsheet (rows 1-8) and paste the items with the missing info in your inventory below that. You'll only need to supply columns A,I,J,Q,R, and S; the rest will be filled in by RME as they are discovered and managed .

Import this new file either by the GUI or by the dcrcli and choose "use data from import source"

steffen.plorin Mon, 12/03/2007 - 05:12
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I still have LMS 2.6

We using difference credentials on WAN or LAN devices.However if a customer add a device into the network how to find the the new devices in LMS and add the new credentials. Mostly I need the RW and telnet passwords for RME to fetch the configs.

Danke Gruss Steffen

You would need to have the campus installation interact with the DCR for this to happen regularly. You would want to define a permissible management ip range for device discovery and data collection to occur. Addtionally you want the system to automatically attempt to manage discovered devices.

Ideally since you'll manage the devices you'd want your customer to include in thier device configuration logging to your RME server. If they do that you'll have the ability to run a syslog "unknown device" report which lists all devices actively logging to your server but unmanaged by that system. I'll get the detailed specifics in the morning when I'm back at work for 2.6.

Joe Clarke Mon, 12/03/2007 - 13:15
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While periodic Device Discovery will find new devices on the network and add them to DCR (provided the devices are SNMP-reachable) it will not add RW or telnet credentials (Discovery will only populate the read-only SNMP credential in DCR).

Currently, there is no way to make this happen automatically in LMS 2.6. In LMS 3.0, a new feature called Default Credentials exists which will associate a set of credentials to all new devices found by Discovery. In LMS 2.6, once a new device is added to DCR by Discovery, it will be up to an administrator to manually go into DCR and add additional credentials to the device before they can be fully managed in applications such as RME.

steffen.plorin Mon, 12/03/2007 - 23:41
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Thanks for all answer back to my question. I understand now the way, or none way for automatically managed devices with same credentials

Danke Gruss Steffen


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