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Dec 4th, 2007
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I have inherited a configuration executed by a different partner. As part of the hand off I am performing an analysis of the UC solution. One area of question is the Unity platform configuration.

The customer is running Unity 4.2(1) on MCS7845 servers in a failover configuration. The servers should follow the platform overlay 3. Based on this overlay, disk allocation should be:

c: (1) OS (2) Pagefile

d: (1) program files (SQL/Unity)(2) Unity trace logs (3) SQL transaction logs

e: (1) SQL databases (2) UMR

On the two Unity servers (primary/failover) the disk space allocation is the same (they both used PCD) but there are some discrepencies that I could use guidance on.


1. SQL server binaries are installed on C:

2. Unity DB is on D:

3. Unity transaction log is on D:

4. unity app is on d:

5. Unity UMR is on d:

unity 2

1. SQL server binaries are installed on C:

2. Unity DB is on d:

3. unity transaction log is on d:

4. Unity app is on e:

5. unity UMR is on e:

So, there are some obvious discrepencies between the two servers in addition to the fact the servers don't follow the overlay guidelines. My questions:

1. Apparently the previous installer did not execute the step for moving the Unity databases and transaction logs.

1a. Is this strictly recommended?

1b. Is there any problems with doing this installation step after the system has been on line for a while?

2. Apparently, the previous installer did not specify an alternate UMR location when running Unity setup.

2a. Is there a way to modify this location after the installation is complete?

2b. What problems are expected if the UMR location is not reconfigured?

3. I noticed on these two servers that there is an additional drive space (f:) that is 136GB and is not really used for anything. This doesn't map into the overlay description. Should this space be used for anything? Meaning, am I referencing the wrong overlay document (I checked all that I could find, no reference to an f: drive).

4. The annoying thing is not only were the servers built without following the overlay recommendations, they don't match each other. With that being said, I was wondering if there is a problem with sticking with reconfiguring unity1 to use the configuration specified in the overlay and reconfigure unity2 to swap the designated roles for d: and e:. Meaning, on unity2 e: would have (1) program files (SQL/Unity)(2) Unity trace logs (3) SQL transaction logs.

Thanks in advance,


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William Bell Tue, 12/04/2007 - 14:24
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So, I figured out how to move the UMR (unitymta) location using the registry. A little more research on my part should button that up.

Still wondering what would be impacted with moving UMR and SQL DB/transaction logs post install.

Also, wondering why I have an extra partition that is not documented in the Overlay?




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