Rechedualing in outbound IPCCE version 5 if agent is not free

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Dec 5th, 2007

Really I am sorry to duplicate the question, but I might need to re-ask the question in a right way:

Did any one face the following problem with IPCCE ver 5:

In outbound, if destination is busy or did not answer, and agent need to re schedual the attempt to be after sepecific time (assume 5 minute) then if the agent was free, the re attempt occure successfully, but if agent was busy, then the retry occures in randomly time (we do not know when it will be re attempted, can not expect)?

Also, in outbound: we donot get any tone to indicate if it is busy or no answer (like busy tone or ring back tone). So any help? Is it a bug in version 5?



I have this problem too.
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ake Wed, 12/12/2007 - 01:53

Hi, you had two questions:

1) Recheduling

The system is able to rechedule the calls when you set the campaing retry no anser and busy parameters. If you use the rescheduling, then it works like you defined.

One of the reasons for this randomly time is related how the dialer fetches new records and dials them. If the dialer has a cache of 20 calls and it dials 5 of them, then it might fetch 5 new calls that will be dialed before the 15 calls in the cache. This is something that is hard to control. By lowering the size of the cache, it help a bit.

2) Busy or no answer indication

This is how it works in version 5. In versio 7 you can use the direct preview mode and the agent hears what happens on the line, but with predictive you have the same problem and actually it is not a problem, it is how predictive works.

bilalghayad Mon, 01/28/2008 - 00:54

Thanks a lot for your kindly help and answer.

So in IPCCE 5.0, there is not a direct preview mode? And all other modes does not return the indication tones because it does not connect the agent until the destination answer?




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