Yes it is possible to store FOIP incomming and outgoing Faxes. With Cisco Fax Server it is possible to store the faxes in a network directory.

The problem is not storing the faxes but how does the costumer would like to retrieve the faxes.

With Cisco Fax Server and Captaris Alchemy you can run a plugin and set from which user in CFS you would like to archive the in or/and the outgoing faxes into a "database" in Alchemy.

The users then can retrieve images (fax is now an digital document) from either a webclient, desktop client for the faxes. a good part here is that you cannot just search on the metadata like DNIS, TIME channel etc. but the incomming fax is being OCR'd so you can do full content search.

If you would like to know more please let me know.



rasankalakmal Wed, 06/18/2008 - 03:09
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Thanks for your reply, but the thing is we are using Cisco 2800 router as the fax server. Do your solution will work for our setup?



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