Zin.Karzazi Thu, 12/06/2007 - 05:23

CSCsc85141: RTMT generates directory connection and replication alarms


RTMT generates directory replication and connection alerts in a Call Manager cluster when directory replication appears to be functioning normally.

The following RTMT alerts are seen while the directory service is up and running.

[RTMT-ALERT] DirectoryReplicationFailed

Directory replication failed .

Monitored precanned object has value of 0.

[RTMT-ALERT] DirectoryConnectionFailed

Directory connection failed .

Monitored precanned object has value of 0.


A Call Manager 4.1(3) cluster running RTMT with more than one subscriber will attempt to test replication status by creating the following object.

"ou=zTestReplStatus--(, ou=CCN, o=cisco.com"

All servers will attempt to create and delete the same object, creating a race condition. RTMT generates alerts regarding the failed replication tests caused by this condition.


This is a cosmetic issue. Directory functionality is not actually broken.

One possible workaround is to disable RTMT alerts for directory replication and connection errors until an upgrade is available to a version that has been fixed for this issue. This workaround has the limitation of not being notified when actual directory replication

errors exist.


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