BAT adding users pasword and pin problem

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Dec 7th, 2007


I am using BAT in BE 6.0.1 to add users and they add OK. I have given all the users a PIN and password but when I try and login to say personal directory it fails. If I go in and manually change the PIN for a user then it works. Any idea what I am doing wrong as I dont want to manually set PINs and passwords for 200 users :(



I have this problem too.
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allan.thomas Fri, 12/07/2007 - 04:59

If you have allocated the correct PIN and Password in the user template that you are using to insert the user with, then I cannot see you doing anything wrong.

The only exception is that you possiblity running into a known issue, in which case open same with TAC.

I would recommend initially resetting the PIN and PASSWORD again in the user template, and see whether the insert is successfull.

If this fails then a possible work around would be to use the BAT reset password/pin option for the users you are trying to insert using either a query or custom file?



rob.huffman Fri, 12/07/2007 - 05:35

Hi Patrick,

Just to add a note to Allans excellent info (5 points for you Allan, I love reading your posts!). I think you may be hitting this Bug;

CSCsi65567 Bug Details

User Insertion using BAT

Problem: While inserting users through BAT, A field related to password settings "users must change at next login" is selected by default whereas CCM doesnt select this field when we add a user manually. So, we need to manually change it to "users cant change" after adding users through BAT. Changing the credential policy default also doesnt help.

Set up:Users inserted through BAT

Work around: None

1st Found-In




Hope this helps!


Patrick Colbeck Fri, 12/07/2007 - 07:31

Thanks guys.

Resetting all the passwords via BAT using update users worked. The only issue left with the users is that if I now attempt to change anything for an individual user (say the DN number) the CM GUI it comes back and tells me that the user password and confirm password fields are different. I then over type them and it saves OK but if I try and change anything again I get the same message.

Patrick Colbeck Thu, 12/13/2007 - 13:53

Reseting passwords and pin via BAT -> users -> reset Paasword / PIN _> query rather than via a custom file fixed this completely.


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