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Dec 7th, 2007
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IPCC 4.05a.

I need to have a supervisor be able to call into a script and change it to have a message play?

We have a 24/7 help desk. When there are system wide issues we want the supervisor to be able to change the script to play a message that states there is a system wide issue and what area is affected.

An example of this would be, we have an Email issue. The supervisor would need to dial into a script and change that there is an issue and that issue is Email (or Billing,etc) .

Could we have a basic message stating "we have a system wide issue with" and then have another message that would be "email", "billing", "etc."

The supervisor would need to make two changes to the message. 1. that there is an issue. 2. what issue it is.

Can this be accomplished using an xml doc? If so, how? Or is there a better way?



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walteryork Mon, 01/14/2008 - 13:22
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It is unfortunate that no one has responded thus far. Attached will be the script we use to accomplish what you are asking. Now beware, my script does quite a bit so you may need to be able to understand advanced level scripting. Basically, this script will authenticate a user and their pin before allowing them access to modify what we call outage messages. The script will give them the choice to choose what company (you would stip that out) and then it will play the current outage message and then ask if you wish to keep, remove or create a new message. Upon completion, it will call our overhead paging system and announce the outage message, it will save the message to a specific prompts directory and email our distribution list for our managers so they are aware of the outage. My scripting isn't pretty but it does the job so please be patient with it and I won't be able to walk you through every step. Be sure on your main script that you have a place to play the prompt and reference the file name of the audio file that this message outage modifier script will create. You will have to create in your prompts a folder called outages. You will also have to share this directory... (C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Prompts\user\en\Outages) I created a login script for the agents that maps this directory as well so they not only have the IVR access to the outages but also the file share. If you do setup a login script, be sure that the username and password used does not have permissions to sign onto the server but can only use the shares to access.

I hope this helps you and the community. Maybe more people will share their scripts so I won't have to go through this much headache in the future... ;) As always, remember to rate helpful posts.

cairns-a Tue, 01/15/2008 - 10:05
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Thanks for the reply. I had thought maybe no one had done this.

I tried to open the file but it is an unsupported version. We are using 4.05a.


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