Nagendra Kumar ... Sat, 12/08/2007 - 04:45

Hi Sujit,

GLBP is a router redundancy protocol with load balancing. From your description, it seems that you have only one router with 2 links to ISPs. So I guess GLBP may not help here. How is your connection to ISPs?. Is it multihomed to different ISPs or to same ISP?. Do you run BGP with your ISPs?.

More details can helps us to get a solution.



sujitkr7cisco Sat, 12/08/2007 - 12:27


Thanks for reply.

I have two links with different ISP's and both the links (512Kbps)are terminated on seprate seprate cisco routers(2811).Currently we are useing one link and another one link is new.I want to loadsharing and redundency between them.Right now i am not using BGP (routers are configured in simple manner).Here is a my client cost matter,so i want .My presant network seneriois like this:-

Internet Ri(Isp1)-- Layer 3 switch (working here like as a simple switch)---firewall 1 (cisco ASA5510)--firewall 2(ciscoASA5510)---Lan.

on firewall-1 remote and site to site vpn configuered, one dmz.

my lan is in 172.16.1.xx series,dmz in, and after is using for desktop ,192.168.x.x is managment ip.

Right now i have one another internet link(512kbps) from different ISP.

So please advise me how can i do that (loadbalancing with redundeny). once i was trying oer but not successfull due to IOs image (c2800nm-ipbasek9-mz.124-11.T.bin)and

ISP's can be possible through natting,and ACL. or ple give me any idea with OER or any solution.If possible ple send me also sample configuration.

If u want any info ,ple tell me .

Please reply me as soon as possible.


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