Optical Amplifier for 10GB Ethernet Link

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Dec 7th, 2007


We are building a Network that connects two sites via dark fiber with a distance of 274KM. On each End there are 7609 with 10GB ethernet cards with 10G-Base ZR (80KM maximum distance). What devices can I use to amplify the signal through the fiber without placing aditional intermediate nodes.

thanks a lot.

Mario S.

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scottmac Sat, 01/05/2008 - 05:40

I'm pretty sure you can't.

There's more of an issue than simple attenuation from distance.

Impurities in the fiber, and the physical transmission properties of light will cause it to degrade over distance ... the signal slowly changes from nice crisp pulses at the transmitter to a fuzzy smear at the receiver.

Adding an amp will increase the amplitude of the transmitted signal, but after 274km, all that'd mean is that you would be receiving a much brighter unintelligible signal.

Have you put the fiber in already? Do you know exactly which kind of single-mode fiber is installed?

You're going to almost certainly need some flavor of intermediate amplification / boost / dispersion correction / compensation ...

Good Luck



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