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Dec 10th, 2007

1 CallManager Cluster - CallManager 5.1 (using local directory)

1 CallManager Cluster - CallManager 4.1(3)sr5b (using Microsoft 2003 Active Directory integration)

these are separate CallManager clusters that are connected via a ICT.

we need to integrate 2 different directories into our new Cisco Attendant Console pointing to the CallManager 5.1 system.

the CAC answers calls for clients that will be using the local directory on the 5.1 cluster. however, the CAC also needs to answer calls for our main buisness which resides on the CallManager 4.1(3) system which is integrated with Microsoft 2003 Active directory (using the autogenertated.txt) file. These calls are forwarded to the CAC over the ICT.

is there a way to access both directories from one CAC so they can look up user directories on both clusters with the different directory types? Then also have the ability to transfer the calls between the two clusters?

I have this problem too.
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Tommer Catlin Mon, 12/10/2007 - 09:24

Assuming everyone is in Active Directory and only some are in CUCM 5.1, I would export the Active Directory First Name, Last Name, Extension and Upload it to the CUCM 5.1 CAC. There is an "upload" section on the AC settings. Use the same file format and you should be able to upload then. I think it is called CorporateDirectory.txt You can download the sample, format your data and then upload. CUCM 5.1 will then use this directory instead of the builtin CUCM End user listings.

hope this helps

suntzzu Fri, 12/14/2007 - 16:21

thanks for the info.

my situation has changed. i need to now integrate our current microsoft 2003 active directory into the new CM 5.1 cluster while maintaining our CM 4.1(3) cluster pointing at the same microsoft 2003 active directory.


we currently have our CM413 cluster pointing at our Microsoft 2003 active directory. our operators using Cisco attendant console answer the call then look up the user the call is for in the CAC, they then forward the call off to the user via the CAC.the CM413 cluster is set to use the user search base 'OU\company users', it then has access to that OU and all sub OU's underneath it.

the operators are now being migrated to the new CM512 cluster. they need to be able to still answer calls that are routed to them via a ICT trunk between the 2 CM clusters. once the call is answered they need the ability to still lookup user names in the same OU's as the current CM413 cluster is looking at, while not interfering with the current CM413 cluster.

I know that the CM512 integration involves a read-only pull of the microsoft 2003 active directory into it's local database. does this have any effect on the current CM413 cluster?

thanks in advance.


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