Speed Dial or Softkey to dial Steering Digit and draw dialtone

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Dec 10th, 2007
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I have a customer that on their current phone system has a button labeled 'outdial'. This button basically dials their steering code which is an 8, then provides dialtone so they can complete the call. I am looking for a method to use either a speeddial button or a custom softkey that would dial the 8, provide dialtone, and allow them to dial PSTN numbers from that point. I tried the speeddial, but as soon as you press the button reorder is provided since their is not a matching pattern.

Any ideas?



Correct Answer by Imad Dandis about 9 years 7 months ago

look into the speed dial awaiting further digit parameter in ccm service parameter

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Correct Answer
Imad Dandis Mon, 12/10/2007 - 08:19
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look into the speed dial awaiting further digit parameter in ccm service parameter

mwadam Mon, 12/10/2007 - 08:37
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Most Excellent!!

This works great.

Now, I have to ask, is there a way to do this with a softkey? The speedial button and service parameter work great for a phone that has an available line, but some of the 7941's will have both line buttons in use. A custom softkey would be great for this.

mwadam Mon, 12/10/2007 - 09:18
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Thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate a little on this. I understand abbreviated dialing, but that feature becomes available once a user starts dialing.

Imad Dandis Mon, 12/10/2007 - 10:59
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In the ccmuser page go to Add/Update Your Speed Dials. You will see two sections; a Speed Dial Settings on Phone section and a Speed Dial Settings not associated with a phone button section. Put the digits you want to be pre dial in the section of the speed dial not associated with the phone button and make a note of the line number these digits are on. Go to the phone with it on hook and dial a one key input of the number of the line where you added your speed dial, let's say it was on line 8. So, you will dial digit 8 then on the LCD of the phone a soft key button will show saying AbbrDial… select it and you will hear a dial tone at that time enter in the rest of the digits you want to dial.


mwadam Mon, 12/10/2007 - 11:33
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I do understand this. It really doesn't buy me anything though. I am trying to stop them from having to dial the digit 8 for outbound calls. It may be that the speeddial option is the best for now unless someone chimes in with a softkey method. Personally It doesn't matter to me, but you know the old axiom about teaching old dogs new tricks. They have not had to dial 8, yet they still press a button. Can they train themselves to dial 8 instead of pressing a button? Just trying to keep them happy.



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