CUCM 6.0 with unity Connection

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Dec 11th, 2007
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allegedly unity conection comes included with Communication manager business edition 6.0 , moreover 16 ports voice messaging ports comes as default .

however when trying to install the CCMB , it is only providing me with 2 ports for voice messaging and demands me to get licences .

Can anyone validate whether the 16 ports ( for simulatneous voice mesaging ) comes for free and can anyone provide me with more details to help me remedy this prob

your help and fast response is appreciated

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bigcappa1 Tue, 12/11/2007 - 00:58
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It will support 500 licences and 16 ports when fully licenced. The default like you say is just 2 ports and 50 licenses to get you started whilst you are ordering licences.

I just recently installed a Business Edition and this was the default once I had added the licence I had the full 16 ports for the Unity Connections



rami_azar Tue, 12/11/2007 - 01:11
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Thank you Paul , but it is still confusing .

below are my three concerns , i would appreciate if you ,or anyone can answer them.

1- does this mean that the 2 ports and 50 licenses will be deleted once i install it ?

2-what if i need the solution for only 100 users , as per the datasheet it is mentioning that in this case i only need to order 50 licenses because 50 comes with it by default and for free .

3-how many licenses should i add to get the full 16 ports ? is it proportinal to the number of licenses i purchasse ,meaning that if i add 250 licnese i will get 16/2=8 ports ,if i purchase 125 licenses i get 16/4= 4 ports and so on ?

thank you

bigcappa1 Tue, 12/11/2007 - 03:30
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1. The licenses are overwritten, for example the recent install I did we purchased 70 phone licences and 50 Unity licences. So the CM system now show 70 licences after installing them all on the system and not 120 if they were added on to the default. And likewise the 50 Unity licenses enable 50 users to unity with 16 ports overwritting the default.

2. If you need 100 users then you would purchase 100 user licences, in the older Unity Connection you had to purchase port count as well, but when we purchased the 50 licences this included the 16 ports. Remember to use the calculator especially for the Callmanager as for instance a 7970 phone uses 5 licenses.

From the release notes for CUBE6.0

Licensing Enhancements

Use licensing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to accurately track the number of devices that are connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, including third-party SIP phones, and compare it with the number of unit licenses that have been purchased.

Licensing helps manage Cisco Unified Communications Manager licenses and enforces the licenses for Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications and the number of IP phones. Using the Licensing Configuration window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, administrators can manage the phone and node licenses that get purchased and used.

The system generates licenses for requested Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes (servers in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster) and the phones that are associated with those nodes. Two types of licenses exist: production licenses and starter licenses. Production licenses for Cisco Unified Communications Manager represent licenses for phones and nodes that are purchased from Cisco. Starter licenses get replaced when a production license file is uploaded.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager keeps track of the software license version. Each time that the Cisco CallManager service restarts, this version check gets performed. If Cisco Unified Communications Manager fails to load (for example, because the license file is missing), the Service Manager tries to restart the Cisco CallManager service three times. At each attempt to restart, the license file check gets performed, and an alarm gets written to syslog.

The software license version displays in the License Unit Report window of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. See License Unit Report, in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide.

Note For convenience, customers get an additional 5 percent of their total licenses when they receive their initial licenses.

Starter Licenses

Cisco Unified Communications Manager comes preinstalled with starter licenses, so a file upload is not required. Starter licenses have no expiration date and are available in limited quantities. Be aware that starter licenses are only available for fresh installations; they are not available for upgrades or migrations from previous releases. Starter licenses support only one Cisco Unified Communications Manager node and up to 50 device license units.

Starter license units get replaced when you purchase a production license.

3. I am pretty sure the maximum is 16 ports for up to 500 users on UC2.0 used with the Business Edition. It states this in the Data Sheet as I say I orded 50 users and got the full 16 ports. So for you ordereing 100 I would say you would get the same.

Hope this helps


rami_azar Tue, 12/11/2007 - 04:53
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thank you paul but one last thing i need to know .

you mentioned that you purchased 70 phone licences and 50 Unity licences . nothing is mentioned in the data sheet about unity licenses . from where do we get unity licenses ? what is the part number for unity connection licenses ? is it

below is an ordering example from cisco document for 150 users with 7941G :

1- one MCS server 7828

2- two CUCM-BE-50USR

3- 60 LIC-CM-DL-10

as you can see , unity connection licenses are not mentioned .

i really appreciate your help and i am extremly sure that your help and the information you are providing us in this discussion is handfull for quite alot of people .

thank you

bigcappa1 Tue, 12/18/2007 - 14:15
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Unity part codes we used



Hope this helps



rami_azar Wed, 12/19/2007 - 09:47
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Thank You Paul

i really appreciate your help and interrest


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