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Dec 11th, 2007

I have a pstn line connected to a router as shown attached. the PSTN number is 2714045. I want pstn calls from the lady id the diagram to ring on extension 1002. Also hw do I configure pots and voip dial-peers on router for extension 1002.

I have this problem too.
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Rajesh Revuru Tue, 12/11/2007 - 06:57


Do you have any dial-peers configured at all. For this inbound call, you can configure something like, where the pstn line is connected to port 1/0/0.

dial-peer voice 2714045 pots

destination-pattern 1002

port 1/0/0

peternnaji Tue, 12/11/2007 - 07:33

I don't have any dial-peer for now. Before now, I have only installed the callmanager 4.1 and IP Phones; hence calls between IP Phones are just internal calls, no calls are routed outside. I just bought a router because I want to integrate my pstn lines to the router and do away with the pbx.

jbarcena Tue, 12/11/2007 - 08:28

Is your Gateway configured for H.323 or MGCP?

If it is configured for H.323 then the first thing that you need to do is to add the GW on CCM.

1.- Choose Gateway from the device menu in the CCMAdmin webpage

2.- Add a New Gateway and choose H.323 GW

3.- CCM automatically populates the Device Protocol field with H.225. Click Next

4.- In the Device Name field enter the IP Address (recommended) or hostname of the Cisco router that will be acting as the gateway.

5.- Assign a device pool and Insert

Then on the Gateway itself after you have configured it to act as H.323 just create a VoIP dial peer to the CCM server

H323_GW(config)#dial-peer voice 100 voip

H323_GW(config-dial-peer)#destination-pattern 2714045

H323_GW(config-dial-peer)#session target ipv4: ccm-ip-address


If it is configured for MGCP then:

1.- Add a new gateway on the CCM but this time select MGCP from the Gateway Type menu.

2.- CCM automatically populates the Device Protocol with MGCP protocol. Click Next

3.- For the Domain Name field, enter the unique hostname or fully qualified domain name of the Cisco device that will be acting as the gateway. You MUST enter the exact name that you are using on the GW itself otherwise it won't register with the CCM server.

4.- Assign the GW to a CCMGroup for redundancy

5.- Choose the type of network modules that are used in the MGCP GW

6.- Choose the type of vocie cards that are used and Insert.

On the GW itself you just need to make sure to have the 4 magic commands for MGCP:

ccm-manager mgcp

ccm-manager config

ccm-manager config server

mgcp call agent service-type mgcp

Hope that helps, if it does please rate the post.


peternnaji Wed, 12/12/2007 - 03:45

Hi Jorge,

thanks for your response. am using h.323, but i was wondering if there ought to be a pots dial-peer config on the router.

jbarcena Wed, 12/12/2007 - 08:25

No, for what I understand you want to ring a phone that is registered on the CCM server, hence you only need a voip dial-peer that points to the CCM server.

pots dial-peers are used if you have a phone connected directly to a port on the router.

peternnaji Wed, 12/12/2007 - 22:30

Thanks for your response. I also want to know how to create voip dial-peers to GSM numbers. I am in Nigeria and my GSM number is 08056606065. I want to be able to make calls to my GSM number and also to receive calls from my GSM number with my IP Phone. Same applies to pstn lines.


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