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Dec 11th, 2007

I have a 3750 switch which does not boot. It keeps going into monitor mode. doing a boot gives the following...

switch: boot

Loading "flash:c3750-i5-mz.122-20.SE1.bin"...flash:c3750-i5-mz.122-20.SE1.bin: n

o such file or directory

How does it know what the previous image was called and is this recoverable?

Thanks in advance.

I have this problem too.
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nordick26 Tue, 12/11/2007 - 06:36

Hi Bill,

it seems your switch isn't able to find your ios image. It maybe corrupted or missing.

There are some basic commands you can use in this mode.

Just simply do "dir" and then "boot" the file you have on your flash.

Reffer to:




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billpeters Tue, 12/11/2007 - 06:43

Thanks for the prompt reply but nothing shows on the flash either.

switch: dir flash:

Directory of flash:/

15997952 bytes available (1024 bytes used)


That is why I was wanting to know where it was getting the old image name from.



paul.matthews Tue, 12/11/2007 - 06:49

The old image name will be in the boot variable. Do you have a copy of that image? If so, increase the console data rate and xmodem it in. You *may* just have enough functionality to TFTP it in, but I am not certain.


fred.mancen Tue, 12/11/2007 - 07:01

Hi Bill.

You have to load a new image on your switch, and the only way is the xmodem, because you cannot set up an IP address to use TFTP.

Do as Paul suggested, increase your console data rate to maximum and transfer the image. It takes some time, but it works.

billpeters Wed, 12/12/2007 - 00:56

Hi Glen,

Thanks for that, it worked perfectly. It would have to be an IBMer with a solution. I work for IBM Belgium!!

Thanks for everyone elses input too.




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