PBR on a switch

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Dec 11th, 2007

playing with PBR and EIGRP.

Have 2 switches, with two routers in between, thus two paths to each switch from the other. Have set up eigrp and can see both paths, equal cost, LB is working fine.

Enter PBR. I've read you put the Policy on the INCOMING interface and then use ACL to basically point that packet to the outbound interface.

On the switch, I figured the incoming interface(s) would be the vlan(s) of interest and the outgoing route would be the IP address of the prefered router to get to switch on the other side. However after typing in my policy route-map command on vlan 1, it accepts the command without error but, it doesn't show up in the show run. Neither does it appear to be taking effect...as a traceroute proves.

Where exactly should this policy route-map statement be placed? I can't place it on a specific interface (such as gig 1/0/3) I tried that and the command is not avail....

is this a bug maybe in the 3750 IOS?

I've also been reading on the 3750 metro switch, it says that I have to set the SDM template for PBR and if I do that then VPN VFR won't work? I confess I don't have a clue what they are talking about. Does this mean that if I have PBR in use I can't have vlans, or that they won't work the way I'm used to them working out of the box?

I have this problem too.
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